Keynote Presentations

The Keynote Presentations will bring leaders at the highest levels to share expertise, vision, and strategies that will shape the future of the agriculture sector in Bhutan.

13/04/2024 12:01 am

Technical Presentations

Interactive Presentations will allow an expert presenter and the audience as participants to share perspectives, uncover emerging trends, and chart a course towards a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable agrarian future in Bhutan.

14/04/2024 4:00 pm

Panel Discussions

Featuring a lineup of esteemed experts, thought leaders, and changemakers, our panel discussions offer a dynamic forum to explore pressing issues, share best practices, and co-create solutions that will drive the future of agriculture in Bhutan. From harnessing technology for food security to navigating the challenges of climate change, each panel is a melting pot of ideas, perspectives, and actionable insights that promise to inspire, inform, and empower.

15/04/2024 3:00 am

Business Matchmaking (B2B) Session

Unlock opportunities and forge strategic partnerships at BATIF 2024's Business Matchmaking (B2B) Session. Designed to facilitate meaningful connections between businesses, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, B2B sessions will be facilitated to curate networking opportunities and tailored matchmaking services. Make a request here Registration

17/04/2024 7:00 pm


The Exhibition showcases a diverse array of products, services, and initiatives that highlight the richness and diversity of Bhutanese agrifood trade. Whether you're a farmer, a researcher, or an enthusiast, the exhibition promises to inspire, educate, and ignite your passion for agriculture.

16/05/2024 2:00 pm

Food Fair

Celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Bhutan, the food fair showcases a tantalizing array of traditional and innovative dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients. From aromatic spices to farm-fresh produce, each bite tells a story of culture, sustainability, and culinary excellence. Join us to indulge your senses, support local producers, and experience the vibrant tapestry of Bhutanese food culture.

30/04/2024 1:00 am

Recipe Contest

Calling all food enthusiasts, chefs, and home cooks to put their skills to the test and create mouthwatering dishes inspired by Bhutanese cuisine. Whether you're a master of traditional recipes or a trailblazer in fusion cuisine, this contest offers a platform to share your culinary creations, celebrate local flavors, and compete for coveted prizes.

19/06/2024 12:00 am