What is the Bhutan AgriTrade and Investment Forum (BATIF) 2024?

BATIF 2024 is a Flagship program spearheaded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and its various stakeholder partners focused on accelerating agricultural trade venture and food systems transformation in Bhutan. It serves as a platform to foster collaboration and dialogue among key stakeholders from the government, business and industry leaders, international organizations, development partners, civil society leaders, experts, youth representatives, and social entrepreneurs.

When and where will BATIF 2024 take place?

BATIF 2024 is scheduled to be held from May 15th to May 19th, 2024.

There are two venues for the BATIF. The morning sessions will take place at Hotel Pemako and the afternoon sessions will take place at the Centenary Park.

What is the objective of BATIF 2024?

The primary objective of BATIF 2024 is to leverage opportunities for investment in agrifood systems in Bhutan. The forum aims to identify and create opportunities for key collaboration and dialogue among players in the agricultural and complementary sectors. This will happen through presentation and panel discussions on Bhutan’s policies and important themes in the context of the agri-food-trade sector as well as networking opportunities among participants.

Who will participate in BATIF 2024?

BATIF 2024 will welcome over 100 participants representing various sectors, including government officials, business and industry leaders, international organizations, development partners, civil society leaders, experts, youth representatives, and social entrepreneurs focused on agri-food systems.

What are the key focus areas of BATIF 2024?

The forum will focus on identifying investment opportunities and partnerships to contribute to the capacities and scaling of Bhutanese agri-food system ventures. Additionally, it will facilitate efforts to engage with policymakers, investors, and development partners in mobilizing support and operationalizing national agricultural strategies and investment plans.

Who should attend BATIF 2024?

BATIF 2024 is open to international, national and local players, donors, international financial institutions, private enterprises, producer organizations, civil society organizations, and research institutions interested in accelerating critical means of implementation — including technology, data and information, funding, and financing — for identified products and programs in Bhutan’s agrifood sector.

How can I participate in BATIF 2024?

To participate in BATIF 2024, interested individuals and organizations can Register for the forum through the REGISTRATION button on this website contact information.batif2024@gmail.com for further details on registration and participation. There are two buttons – one for international participants (individuals and organizations outside Bhutan) and one for domestic participants (individuals and organizations within Bhutan). Please register accordingly.

Will there be opportunities for networking and collaboration at BATIF 2024?

Yes, BATIF 2024 will provide ample opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among participants through panel discussions, workshops, business matchmaking (B2B) sessions, and networking events designed to foster partnerships and innovation in Bhutan’s agrifood sector. For more information on the B2B session please visit the B2B Session Pass under the registration page on this website.

What is going on each day? Who is speaking at the event?

Please refer to the Agenda page on this website.

Do I have to pay to attend the BATIF 2024?

Attendance to the BATIF 2024 is free.

International participants approved to attend the BATIF 2024 get a waiver of the sustainable development fee (SDF) levied daily for visitors.

Can I speak at the BATIF 2024?

All speakers on panels and presentations are invited. Thus, no requests to speak will be entertained.